We build a bridge between your technical requirements and the interesting world of machine learning

We work as a (part of) Machine Learning (ML) core of your company and take care of your entire ML pipeline from the data prepration to scalable deployment to production

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Data science consulting & research

We analyse unstructured data and turn these into actionable information.

Development of machine learning components

Experienced research engineers build ML models and algorithms that provide a functionality and make products smarter.


we don’t only deliver ML code and leave you alone with that! we also help you build piplines to process data at scale


A functioning machine learning code is not enough!

many companies tend to improve their products leveraging machine learning capabilities. This is only a good start. A good consulting company should also translate the provided code to something which is understandable and reusable for the other teams or stakeholders of the projects. We give our best to do this via following our clearly defined Processes and also using latest tools (JIRA,Confluence, Gcloud, AWS etc)

Custom Sollutions

With our engineering-driven culture, strong product management approaches, expertise in software development and machine learning, and engineers with PhD in neural networks, we can successfully work together to build new technologies for your business.


A few things we’re great at

We are experts at building state of the art solutions using the latest in AI. We have experience with deploying many types of computer vision models for clients in a variety of verticals. Contact us to learn more:

Our Services

AI-Bridge delivers high quality artificial intelligence software components

Thanks to great harmony between hardware capacity and opensource software, Machine Learning (ML) and especially Deep Learning (DL) is in its golden time. Companies compete on leveraging ML capabilities to make their products more accurate or offer new products that could not exist without ML. The essential components of an ML project are:

I. Data which needs tooling
II. Set of approaches and technologies which needs researchers who design the roadmap,
III. and great team of ML-developers to realize the idea

Best case would be undoubtedly to have all the above teams in your company. However, ML-technologies are expensive and building a Full-stack ML team is not always the best strategy for managers.

Here is where we at AI-Bridge define our role as a consulting agency. We build a bridge between your technical requirements and the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From the above-said components for ML projects, the data part (I.) is normally available in the field and could be acquired with some tooling. In the case of data confidentiality, we only need a very small subset of data to design models and perform all trainings on your authorized servers.

The second component (II.) is normally partly available inside the company. That is the company’s field-specific know-how for solving technical problems. On the other side of, let’s assume, the bridge there are ML technologies and solutions. An undeniably important component for building this bridge is how these field-specific problems could be translated to ML-problems and what set of technologies is the optimal set for problem-solving. We make this possible with our great access to researchers in the community of ML.

Finally, to process data at scale and make added-value for your company, it’s essential to have ML-developers with hands-on experience on delivering standard industrial code (based on iso 9126). AI-Bridge generates its problem-solving power by a great set of researchers and developers.

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List of Services:

•NLP, Sentiment analysis
•Face Detection
•Car Plate Detection Recognition
•Motion2Motion (GAN based) generation
•Body Pose detection and estimation
•Medical Image Processing
•Series analysis
•Predictive Analytics
•Clustering and Segmentation
•Classification and Labeling
•Dynamic Pricing
•Customer Segmentation
•Anomaly Detection
•Assets Planning
•Fraud Detection
•Deep neural Model analysis and improvement
•Deep Learning on Cloud: Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud Platform
•Consultant on Algortihm design and model architecture
•Big data end to end strategy
•Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and other big data technologies
•Traditional machine learning and deep learning
•AWS, Azure, and Google cloud
•Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, Keras, Caffe, MLlib, and other machine learning frameworks

we use the latest project management tools to make sure our (continuous) process of software development meets the latest standards that shape a high-quality software:

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AI-Bridge delivers high quality artificial intelligence software components

M.Sc. Ali R. Nejad

Software architect and
AI system designer
  • Co-founder and CEO

M.A. Zahra Mokhtari

Market developing
  • Co-founder

And a powerful team of more than 10 AI experts. For more information please simply contact us at info[at]ai-bridge.de


AI-Bridge delivers high quality artificial intelligence software components
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Sticker Generation

StickerGeneration project is one of the ongoing projects in this company. A video is fed as an input to the system. The designed structures detects the face using suitable landmarks and puts the desired funny sticker on the face. Some samples can be seen below:
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Medical Image Processing

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License Plate Recognition

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