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Data science
consulting & research

We analyse unstructured data and turn these into actionable information.

Development of machine learning components

Experienced research engineers build ML models and algorithms that provide a functionality and make products smarter.


we don’t only deliver ML code and leave you alone with that! we also help you build piplines to process data at scale

A functioning machine learning code is not enough! 

many companies tend to improve their products leveraging machine learning capabilities. This is only a good start. A good consulting company should also translate the provided code to something which is understandable and reusable for the other teams or stakeholders of the projects. We give our best to do this via following our clearly defined Processes and also using latest tools (JIRA,Confluence, Gcloud, AWS etc)


A few things we’re great at

We are experts at building state of the art solutions using the latest in AI. We have experience with deploying many types of computer vision models for clients in a variety of verticals. Contact us to learn more:

Image Annotation Services

Image annotation is the process of associating an entire image, or a section of an image, with an identifier label. Power your computer vision models with high-quality image data, meticulously tagged by our expert annotators.

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Face Detection and Recognition

Through advances in facial detection research, machines are now able to detect human faces in images. Many businesses are starting to use facial recognition as a biometric security, understand emotions from faces and much more.

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Object Detection

With deep learning we can now detect and localize objects in images and videos using architectures like SSD, Faster RCNN, YOLO, RetinaNet etc. We have built over 50 custom object detection models for different applications in Retail, Sports, Health care, manufacturing etc.

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Areal detection 

With the cost of drones decreasing, there is a surge in aerial data being generated. Aerial object detection is a an important yet challenging problem in computer vision. We used a RetinaNet to build a powerful aerial pedestrian detection model.

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Object Segmentation

Object Segmentation implies understanding pixel wise location of an object in an image. This allows for a deeper understanding that is needed for many tasks.

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Video Classification

the idea of classification could be extended to videos as well. Deep learning techniques make us able to detect, identify and do different analysis on video objects. 

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Radiologic Applications

Deep learning with convolutional neural networks (CNNs) is recently gaining wide attention for its high performance in recognizing images.

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Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis

Today, GPUs are found in almost all imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, X-ray, and Ultrasound bringing more compute capabilities to the edge devices. (image credit: Nvidia)

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Reading Assistant and Automatic Dictation

Speech recognition applications include voice user interfaces, such as voice dialing, natural language processing, and speech-to-text for radiologic reporting (which has been proven to be a natural interaction modality and effective technology for medical reporting), particularly in the field of radiology.

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Custom Sollutions

With our engineering-driven culture, strong product management approaches, expertise in software development and machine learning, and engineers with PhD in neural networks, we can successfully work together to build new technologies for your business.

Contact us, We are 24*7 available!

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