Started at 2017 and officially founded in  2019, we have worked on different use-cases in the field of AI for customers. Normally projects start with a fast P.o.C (Proof of Concept) phase. Once the prototype is functioning and the minimum functionality is there, we continue the evolutionary loop of development with a focus on software and process standards. We give our best to deliver codes that are well documented and reusable. Using project management tools such as Jira we make sure the work is on track and delivery will be on time and budget. Machine Learning projects are in nature very uncertain. This is however in contrast to customer demands when it comes to delivering on time and modules with demanded accuracy and performance. To tackle this challenge, we try to stay in a “real-time” contact with  customers so that they have a clear idea of the progress. We also use our experience and know-how from the past to choose approaches which have more success probability.