We build up a bridge between your business needs and the interesting world of Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to AI-Bridge!

AI-Bridge, founded in 2019, is a consulting company in the field of data science and AI. We design, develop, test and scale up ideas/use-cases of our customers in the field of AI. Our services vary from Data pre-processing and labeling all the way along to scalable AI based software. This way we build up a bridge between middle sized businesses and the interesting world of AI.

We give our best to deliver models that are well documented and reusable (based on ISO 9126). Using the latest project management tools we make sure the work is on track and delivery will be on time and budget. Machine Learning projects are in nature very uncertain. This is however in contrast to customer demands when it comes to delivering on time and modules with demanded accuracy and performance. To tackle this challenge, we try to stay in a “real-time” contact with customers so that they have a clear idea of the progress. We also use our experience and know-how from the past to choose approaches which have more success probability.

Need to know What we offer in 10 seconds?!

An overview of data science and machine learning pipeline, AI-Bridge provides consulting services from data labeling to production

An overview of our services:

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We build state of the art solutions using the latest techs in AI community. We have experience with deploying many types of computer vision models for clients in a variety of verticals. Contact us to learn more.

Data science consulting & research

We analyse unstructured data and turn these into actionable information.

Development of machine learning components

Experienced research engineers build ML models and algorithms that provide a functionality and make products smarter.


we don’t only deliver ML code and leave you alone with that! we also help you build piplines to process data at scale

Why AI-Bridge though?

Model Optimization to any level

Open source machine learning codes are in most cases a research product and can not be directly used for applications. Transforming an open source code to an optimized one needs a deep knowledge in ML and technologies such as quantization, transfer learning, low-level coding skills, etc. We offer these to our customers on top of our ML development services.

Model performance is a key factor of ML projects. In some cases this makes the only difference between a good ML application and a normal one. We deliver highly optimized code, to help our customers achieve their performance demands and stay competitive in the market.

Fair and competent

ML services have a distinct difference with other IT projects. In ML world, especially when we need to design the model from scratch or for novel use-cases, a huge amount of effort is needed to find the correct architecture, train and fine-tune the models. It is normally not guaranteed, that an X amount of trial and tests will yield to a convergence on the models (i.e. the model that works as expected). This means from a project management point of view HIGH costs for ML projects. We have a solution for the explained issue above in order to guarantee the progress. Our network of ML expert researchers which is spread all over the world provides a valuable state of the art input to the project. On the other hand, our international team of developers makes it possible to deliver similar high-quality software at lower prices.

A functioning machine learning code is not enough!

many companies tend to improve their products leveraging machine learning capabilities. This is a good start. But a committed consulting company should also translate the provided code to something which is relatable and reusable for other teams or stakeholders of the projects. We generate lean, modular, and integrated code, and assist you with our clearly defined processes throughout the design and implementation phase of your project, using latest project management tools (JIRA, Confluence, Gcloud, AWS, etc.).

What we can do for you

Our proficient team maintains strong ties to academia in machine learning and artificial intelligence. With our proven experience in network architecture design, and model optimization, we can work towards the most efficient and high-performing algorithms to solve your problem. We offer the design and optimization of your AI models, and support you throughout the entire project management pipeline.

Custom Solutions

With our engineering-driven culture, product management background, and strong expertise in software development from working in teams at the forefront of deep learning, we can find the best fit for your business.

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AI-Bridge Philosophies

aibridge philosophy

AI-Consulting is like building a bridge! A good consulting company is like a good bridge building company!

Nobody builds a bridge where no perspective is clear at the other end. We provide you with clear perspectives about how AI can generate added value for your business.

A Bridge should be based on a strong foundation to be safe, reliable and robust. We translate this in our work as data security, being a long-term reliable business partner, and following maximum possible software standards (ISO 9126).

Sometimes simpler solutions work perfectly while using minimum resources. We will support you to decide which budgeting level matches to your current requirements.

It’s not always about building a bridge! Maintenance and reinforcement of already existing Bridges needs also expertise.


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