We enable your company to leverage the power of the latest Generative AI (LLMs)

Who we are? What problems do we solve?

AI-Bridge, founded in 2019, is a software consulting company in Data Science and AI. We design, develop, test, and scale up ideas/use cases of our customers.

ChatGPT is cool but how you could have one custom version for your own Business?

We believe every company needs an infrastructure to leverage Large Language Models for more productivity and automation. An efficient approach would be a RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) system. Are you curious to know how your business could benefit from such a system? Let’s book a demo to discuss the details.

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  • Video Classification
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Google Cloud AI Solutions
  • Computer-Aided Detection & Diagnosis
  • Object Detection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Object Segmentation
  • Image Annotation Services
  • Face Detection and Recognition
  • Text Classification
  • Textual Similarity
  • Relation Prediction
  • Language Identification
  • Text Clustering and Word Clouds
  • Semantic Search
  • Question Answering
  • Text Summarization
  • Language Translation
  • Sentiment Analysis
These are your company’s on-premise data. The RAG model works internally on your data to digest the information in next steps.
There are several model loader for different forms of data (Text, PDF, image, large data, …)
Vectorized (also called embedded) Data are now ready and we could perform much faster searchs (enquireis)
Sames as you ask ChatGPT, this time we retrieve relevant information from the enterprise data.
Image Processing

Image Processing

for Autonomous Driving

Visual Surveillance

Visual Surveillance

A simple application for Andriod

Medical Image Processing

Medical Image Processing

& Signal Analysis

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

& Recommender Systems Using AI

Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI Solutions

AI Bridge

A functioning machine learning code is not enough!

many companies tend to improve their products leveraging machine learning capabilities. This is a good start. But a committed consulting company should also translate the provided code to something which is relatable and reusable for other teams or stakeholders of the projects.

“Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.”

Alan TuringMathematician

AI-Bridge Philosophies

AI-Consulting is like building a bridge! A good consulting company is like a good bridge-building company!
Hardware setup

In this journey you’ll have our support from very first steps of a ML project which is data acquisition. From Sensors, i.g. industrial cameras, for data acquisition to Multi-GPU machines that are needed for training ML models.

Data analysis

Based on your requirements, we will inspect and analyze data to design project roadmap. Different pre-processings is required to make data consumable for ML models. No data? we’ll build datasets via (semi) automated labeling tools that is enough for start.

Machine learning

As a central part of our consulting services, we give our best to provide state of the art models that deliver the required performance. ML based models can learn more and get optimized while the business pipeline is acquiring more date.


It’s crucial. Since without a deployment pipeline that actually makes ML models consumable, target users cannot use models at scale. For that we leverage ci/cd pipelines and orchestration approaches. MLOPs is recently a trend used for launching ML models on the cloud.

Hire an AI freelancer,

bring your business one step further

We build state of the art solutions using the latest techs in AI community. We have experience with deploying many types of computer vision models for clients in a variety of verticals. Contact us to learn more.

What We Can Do For You

Our team consists of senior ML experts, who have a deep understanding and great technical background. We @ AI-Bridge make sure that the input to your work is transparent and productive.

Build Your Bridge

A Functioning Machine Learning Code Is Not Enough!